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Mike Reinold and Erson Religioso are two of the most well respected physical therapists in the country.  They both have critically acclaimed websites and internet profiles due to their devotion to helping educate others in their profession.

Together, they share almost three decades of clinical experience as manual therapists and a passion to share their clinical experience and help improve other clinicians.  They have spent their careers developing a combined approach of manual therapy based on movement assessment and treatment.

This approach brings a unique perspective on how to implement instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization into your clinical practice.

Learn more about each below.

Reinold Religioso

Mike Reinold

mike reinoldMike Reinold is considered a leader in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.As a physical therapist, strength coach, and performance enhancement specialist, Mike uses his background in sport biomechanics, movement quality, and muscles imbalances to specialize in all aspects of human performance.  He has worked extensively with a variety of professional athletes with emphasis on the care of throwing injuries in baseball players.

Mike has been featured in several local and national publications such as Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, ESPN, Men’s Health Magazine, Fast Company Magazine, The Boston Globe, and The Boston Herald and has been recognized for his contributions to the field of sports medicine and performance as well as his programs from caring for overhead athletes.

In addition to his clinical work, he has made significant academic contributions in the form of laboratory research, biomechanical research, and clinical education, teaching thousands of individuals worldwide through his publications, books, seminars, products, and website

Mike Reinold has an educational website at MikeReinold.com where he shares his new research and clinical experience in articles several times a week.

He has several best-selling educational products available including his rehabilitation protocols, clinical examination, and treatment technique DVDs with Kevin Wilk from the Advanced Continuing Education Institute (AdvancedCEU.com) as well as Optimal Shoulder Performance (ShoulderPerformance.com) and Functional Stability Training for the Core (FunctionalStability.com) with Eric Cressey.  He has hosts several of his lectures online at RehabWebinars.com and has a 7-week online mentorship program on evidence based evaluation and treatment of the shoulder at ShoulderSeminar.com, which has been applauded by the sports medicine and performance community.


Erson Religioso

erson religiosoErson Religioso III, DPT, MS, MTC, CertMDT, CFC, CSCS, FMS, FMT, FAAOMPT, graduated from D’Youville College in 1998 with a dual Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy. His interests in Orthopaedics and Manual Therapy lead him to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine. Studying under StanleyParis, Ph.D, PT, internationally known for his manual skills and knowledge of the spine as well as his distinguished faculty, Dr.Religioso earned his DPT and Manual Therapy Certification in 2000. He later became credentialed in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine in 2000, and in 2008 became one of four mentors in the country who can train orthopaedic manual therapy to MDT Diplomats, of which there are only several hundred in the world.

He is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists and serves as a mentor for future Fellows through Daemen College’s Fellowship in OMPT program.

Dr. Religioso is adjunct faculty of D’Youville College, Daemen College, and SUNY at Buffalo, where he teaches orthopaedic manual physical therapy in the DPT programs. He founded themanualtherapist.comto help mentor and teach professionals around the world and physioanswers.com to help educate consumers and the general public on the profession of physical/physiotherapy. He also is the creator of the EDGE Tool, a high quality stainless steel tool for assisted soft tissue manipulation, the EDGE Mobility Bands, for enhancing mobility from head to foot, and the Stop Thought Viruses Challenge, for individuals in chronic/persistent pain states.